Aspects of the Challenge

Spend 365 days being present in our own lives including a focus on the following 5 aspects:

1. Each Other

Focus on ourselves and each other. Over the last (almost) four years of marriage Andrew and I have realized that spending lots of time together does not equal quality time. Though the amount of time we spend together won't change our goal is to go on a "date" once a month. We began this in June 2012 and are taking turns planning each date. We will also explore small changes we can make or little things we can do for each other to show our love to one another.

We also want to live healthy, environmentally aware lives, so some of the posts will address this aspect on how we can intentionally live the lives we want in the best possible ways.

2. Our Home

A house is a big investment and we've spent time, money and energy making it a home but we still have a ways to go to for it to look the way we want and be at it's functional best.

3. Family (and Dog)

We each come from families with three children. Andrew is the middle of 3 brothers and I have an older sister and a younger brother. Andrew's parents and brothers and sisters-in-law live 0.75-1hour away and my parents and sister and brother-in-law live 1.5-2hours away while my brother live half-time here in town. Time spent with our family should be spent intentionally connecting and learning about one another.

Our pooch is an important member of our family and we have a number of projects in mind to intentionally give him the best life we can.

4. Friends and Acquaintances

This aspect of the challenge will be to intentionally connect with the people in our lives including people from Andrew's work, my school, church, frisbee as well as other groups of friends.

5. Everyone Else

We want to intentionally meet new people or spend time on activities that will impact the lives of people we will never know.

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