Monday, 16 June 2014

Bib and Cloth Organization Solutions

Once we started feeding Everett solids, close to 7 months, we realized we needed some storage on the main floor to keep things contained.

The first solution was a hamper attached to the back of the high chair.

 We used a wet bag and simply attached it with to scrap pieces of fabric. Quick and simple and very effective.

The best part about this is that I can simply take this laundry and do a pre-soak before I wash it so that the food crusties and stains are minimized.

I also wanted to have a place for the clean bibs and cloths to be stored. I found the perfect container at Target . There's plenty of room to store all of our bibs and a bunch of cloths.

No more bibs/cloths all over the place, clean or dirty.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Birthday Photo Tradition

Having seen a cute idea for a photo - one year old sitting beside a frame of said baby as a new born - I decided to give it a try. The plan is to then take the photo of the one year old, put it in the frame next year and take a photo with the then 2 year old.

Two problems:
I went back to look for my inspiration source but couldn't find it and now can't compare.
The glare on the photo in the frame. I might have to photo-shop the picture to fix it.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

E's First Birthday Party - Little Man Theme

So, I was not planning an elaborate 1st birthday party at all. Just family and few friends for a BBQ at the at a Conservation Area 2 minutes from our house. Then I started looking at Pinterest... Here are the birthday details!



We used the downloads for decorations including the cupcake picks (which were attached to toothpicks with washi tape) as well as the bottle covers. Not shown here was a sign with the punch saying "Wet Your Whiskers".

We made favours using the favour download. We scooped turquoise jelly beans and candy lime slices into bags and stapled the downloaded favour tags onto each bag. 

We also attached the "Thanks!" tags onto the favours for the kids by hole-punching the tag and using a sheer ribbon to attach them onto squirter toys and bubble wands. I put the kid's names on each one to assure everyone got one before leaving.


Here is our version. We accordion folded each small dessert-sized napkin then attached it to the fork with a ribbon and a double-sided adhesive.


My mom made this adorable onesie for E and we paired it with his grey chevron BabyLegs for his birthday photoshoot.


I ordered 200 ball pit balls from and used an inflatable pool, added in a couple of bigger balls too :)


I was really hoping to turn a picnic table on its' end and do the photo collage posted above. Ran out of time and instead posted the photos on the 4 sides of the main post of the picnic pavilion.



My mom and I cut out lengths of ribbon and pinned them to a slim grey ribbon then sewed across the grey ribbon to hold everything together.