Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 61: Preparing for Remembrance Day

I like Remembrance Day. I know for some people it's very contentious. And I recognize why it would be. For me, it's not about glorifying war or worshipping war heroes, it's about recognizing that our military has acted on behalf of Canada (whether the public agrees to the mission or not) to protect us and citizens in other countries and in doing so, some have lost their lives.

If they had a day that honoured fallen police officers and firefighters I'd be happy for that too. In my opinion, people who "work for the public" deserve our support and those that loose their life in service deserve our respect.

For me it's also about remembering ALL the non-soldiers that were killed in war after war. Those people who were simply in the way, or who were considered "not the right people". And this count would far out-number the fallen soldiers...

So, as Remembrance Day approaches, I think of the lost lives and of ways to encourage our politicians to find solutions that don't include war.

My hope is that all Canadians spend at least a moment or two on Sunday remembering the fallen and looking to a better future without war.

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