Monday, 11 November 2013

Fall Soups

I love them!

Andrew was away last week for work and so he took today off so I could recover a bit :) He came with Everett and I to swimming lessons and afterwards we stopped at Zoup! Here we could taste-test the soups first before ordering (best idea ever!).

Since Andrew and I have different tastes in soups, this makes it easy for us to both get what we want. He had a chicken pot pie soup and I had pumpkin pie bisque. 

He likes soups full of lots of good stuff and I usually like mine creamy with no chunks. This means that home-made soup will really only completely satisfy one of us - me. Both since I'm the one making it and because he's easier going, and also because I'll make stews that satisfy his want for chunky soup.

So this fall/winter I will share a few of my favourite soup recipes with you!

Look back to one of my first posts to hear mention of a great soup. Link here. The full recipe for Vegan Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup can be found here.

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