Thursday, 1 November 2012

Day 53: Working with a Partner

So I've been working on some projects and trying to make choices that will intentionally make stronger connections with the people around me.

This week I learned an important lesson. Sometimes, you need a partner. Someone who understands what you're doing and can help lessen the load. Because although I'm more than happy to be doing the things I am for and with people, it can be tiring.

For the quilt top, both my mom and Andrew were super helpful.  My sewing machine (upper tension) broke and so we had to head to my parents' house early. This meant Andrew stopping work a bit early to help me pack up the quilt top row by row, section by section. He also helped me lay it back out once we were at my parents' house. This saved me a ton of time, and a bit of stress :P

My mom was a trooper and did the sewing while I ran up and down the stairs to bring her the sections of the quilt and did the ironing. This meant that for 3 1/2 hours, she sewed and I ran... we were both tired by the end!

So my suggestion, find people willing to help you in your efforts!

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