Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekend Re-cap Day 13/14

So it's looks as if posting on the weekends will never happen. And I'm okay with that. I could just skip them entirely (and I may) but if there's something worthwhile sharing (yes, determined by me) than I'll try to post twice on Mondays.

Saturday September 22nd: Date Day!

Andrew planned a great day for us. We went on a practice tandem ride (~20km) that was half road/nice trail and half mountain-biking tiny trail.

View Mountain Tandem in a larger map

Andrew's quote of the day during the mountainous section of the trail "Most people would be divorced after mountain-tandeming a trail like this - we're just laughing and having a good time." So sweet!

What I now like about tandeming:
-it's definitely easier for me (still hard work, but easier)
-it's not considerably more difficult for Andrew (I asked repeatedly)
-you can talk the whole time and actually hear each other (regular biking you have to yell)
     -really you have to communicate the whole time about switching gears/braking/potholes      etc. but you also can talk about lots of other stuff along the way

For more photos click here!

We went out for dinner at the Raintree Cafe. We shared the Venus Dip, Soup of the Day, and Trail Mix Salad. Andrew had the Chickpea and Vegetable Curry and I had the Beef Special. Overall a great dinner!

We also got a piece of Turtle Cheesecake to go and enjoyed that a couple hours later while we played some Gin Rummy.

Sunday September 23rd:

Another busy day... we went to church and ended up staying a bit late because we wrote letters to our MP to urge him to help our refugee friends hear the results of their last application for refuge before they're deported on October 15th, or if possible delay deportation until they can hear the answer.

Then we grabbed Banner and went to Trail Fun Day where they raise money to maintain the Hydrocut Trail and the three bike shops have bike demos. Andrew's in the market for a new mountain bike so this was a perfect trial.

And finally we had some new friends from church over for dinner and games. They're vegan and one also has a gluten restriction so that meant we'd have to get creative and we were really happy with how dinner turned out :) Should have taken a picture of the whole meal!

We had a salad with apples, nuts, seeds, and raspberry vinegar dressing and an altered Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup. Click here for recipe. They brought an amazing chocolatey dessert with berries.

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