Monday, 10 September 2012

The Year of Living Intentionally

As preparations for fall begin, my husband and I have decided to begin a new journey ourselves. The impetus for this was a realization that busyness rules our lives but inspiration came from another blog:  

And while their rules/mandate are exceptional I've found that how we spend our time is the crux of the issue for us and I expect aspects of living simply will emerge from this process!

The Mandate:

Spend 365 days being present in our own lives including a focus on our home and each other, as well as planned interactions with people we know (family, work, church, school) as well as with those who are currently unknown to us :)

The Aspects of the Challenge:

Each day we will focus on one of the following (click here for more info):

1. Each Other

2. Our Home

3. Family (and Dog)

4. Friends and Acquaintances

5. Everyone Else

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