Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 19: Marriage Tele-Retreat cont'd

The Dating Divas are hosting a free 2-day Marriage Tele-Retreat. You can also pay $1 for a two-week trial to their Dating Divas Community to hear all the recordings of the speaking events.

Parenting: Discipline vs. Punishment - Keith Hubbard

I was only able to catch the last two-thirds of this event. I thought I'd include a brief synopsis here for those people that might be interested in hearing a bit about it.

Most people live with the broken paradigm "I am my results". However, people innately love their children when they're born. Love you receive and give to your family should be given because they exist/their innate value is enough. Just like you aren't your results, you are you, and you have value.

The role of a parent is to understand and teach where you and your family members have agency or choice.

Learn to create respect and safety in your home. Don't create double standards between parents and children (ex. swearing).

Do not use your authority to get what you want - use your authority to teach.

Consider the difference between punishment and consequences. Wait until you're calm to discuss consequences. Ensure consequences are logical and based on the action.

I missed the last event in the Marriage Tele-Retreat because Andrew and I had tickets to see the musical 42nd St in Stratford last night. It was great!

Tomorrow's our 50km tandem bike RIDE 4 REFUGE. We're really excited and a little bit scared...

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