Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 85: Winterizing the Car

We're a bit behind this year. We've already had two snowfalls and the car's not ready yet.

  1. Clean out your car:

    1. Get rid of any garbage
    2. Remove mats and wash them
    3. Vacuum the seats and floor
    4. Steam clean seats if necessary
    5. Wash inside of windows
    6. Clean dashboard, steering wheel and glovebox

  2. Put on the snow tires

    1. Figure out which tire was where last year and properly rotate them
    2. Install tires on a flat surface
    3. Put away regular tires (marked with their last position on car)
    4. Pump them up enough to drive
    5. Go to the gas station and properly fill tires

  3. Fill car up with winter essentials
    1. Put snowbrush in the car
    2. Fill up windshield washer fluid
    3. Put in an emergency blanket, extra socks, hat, mitts
Check out this link for a full checklist of things to keep in your car in case of a winter emergency. And be safe this winter!!

Update: We were able to finish all of #1 Clean out your car. Soon we should have the snow tired on and have the car packed for winter.

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