Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 86: Decorating the Christmas Tree

I came across this David Suzuki article about the environmental impacts of real versus fake Christmas trees. Interesting read!
"According to Ellipsos, the artificial tree has three times more impacts on climate change and resource depletion than the natural tree."

That being said, they do explain the potted Christmas trees are the best option, however expensive. We went with a Christmas tree from a farm 3km from our house :)

On to the decorating, I don't know if much needs to be said... We listened to Christmas music and had a fun time!! 

Do you have any traditions surrounding the decorating of the tree??

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  1. I love that Andrew can just reach up and put the star on the tree. You obviously didn't pick the largest one at the lot.

    My favourite tradition was sending you and your Dad to get the tree - until the year you picked the largest Christmas tree ever and I didn't have enough decorations for it! It literally took up 1/4 of the room. You were very proud!