Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend Re-cap Day 97/98

Saturday December 15th - Christmas Party with Jon & Nicole

We spent the morning helping my parent's get ready for a BIG birthday party held on Sunday. Then we headed to our friend's new house in Toronto. We had a fun afternoon, getting the house tour, buying groceries for the party, planning games and generally just hanging out.

I would say the party was a success. There was a ton of food and Nicole came up with two really fun games to play.

The first: Choose the title of a Christmas song out of a bowl (each title is repeated twice). On the count of three, begin humming your tune and find the person humming the same song.

The second game is based on 2 truths and a lie. Except it's worst present received. The object of the game is to come up with 2 bad gifts you've received and make up a third one. Then the group guesses which is the lie.

Sunday December 16th - 60th and 90th Birthday Party

My mom held a fairly big birthday party for my Dad and Gramma. It was great to spend the afternoon hanging out with family and family friends and it was relatively fun getting ready for the party too. (That part can be a bit stressful).

Andrew and I were bad about taking photos this weekend... maybe next time!


  1. Next time? I was really hoping to see pictures of the party. You're being quite optimistic about Jean's next birthday, aren't you? Well, let's hope it comes true. Merry Christmas, Andrew and Courtney.

    1. I think Lauren took at least a couple pictures on Mom and Dad's camera. They're just too busy with Gramma right now for me to ask them to upload them onto their computer.