Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekend Re-cap Day 153/154

Saturday February 9th - Iron Ring Ceremony

My parents and sister came up for the day. My dad was able to attend my brother's Iron Ring Ceremony ( which is a ceremony for engineers. Right before they graduate they have to (or get to) take a pledge of integrity to their profession. I think they then have the option of taking a test and paying fees to become a "Professional Engineer". Some jobs would require this more than others - if you're in charge of building a bridge versus writing some computer code to have a bird attack a pig.

The three of us girls did a bit of shopping while this went on and Andrew went cross-country skiing with Banner.

Sunday February 10th - Baby Shower in Barrie

Sunday was a very busy day. We had a shortened church service from 9:30-10:15am and then our Annual Meeting where we go over finances and visioning for the upcoming year from 10:15-11:15am.

I left around 11am to drive to pick up my one sister-in-law and my niece on the way to Barrie for a shower for our other sister-in-law. Thankfully it was a great day for driving - sunny, dry, and not windy and not a lot of traffic.

I really enjoyed the car ride in which I was able to spend time in good conversation with my S-I-L, more than two hours total. Perhaps she was ready to not be in the car with me though, I can talk A LOT, or maybe not :P.

The shower was really nice. Great food, music, and time with everyone. I enjoyed both the games we played. (I think I had a slight advantage in listing out everything she would need for the first year of the baby's life as I've been planning for this myself!) Congratulations to you both, looking forward to meeting my nephew!!

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