Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 1: Support a Cause and Your Friend

I had a different post in mind (which I will share with you soon) but saw this post on a friend's blog:

Good Grief Guru: 
September 10th is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION day

And we made a decision, support a worthwhile cause but even more importantly, support a friend. Shawna has shared her story on her blog, Good Grief Guru and I encourage you to follow her. She's an amazing person! Her honesty is refreshing. What I love most is the realization that we are worthy of love and respect no matter what our emotions/opinions/experiences - we don't have to have it together all the time (or ever!).

We're serious about suicide prevention and the mobilization of the government to acknowledge it as a public health issue. If you're interested in signing a petition print this, or contact me (I'll have one in my purse) and together we can make a difference.
As you can see, living intentionally involves knowing what's going on in the world around you. In this case it was an enjoyable evening as you can see from the pictures below. 

Leave me a comment telling me about an important cause or how you've supported a friend!


  1. I supported a girlfriend through reverting to Islam. It has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done. With the rules and teachings of that religion, it was so hard to get to used to (and sometimes still is!) our new friendship. But I've learned so much about my friend, another religion, and myself.

    I think sucide prevention is a great cause. I never know what to do when a friend says they are at that point. I guess not to give up on them... Courtney, are there tips on what to do?

    1. L, thanks for sharing your story about helping your friend revert to Islam. Major changes in life are made so much easier when we are supported by the people around us, whether they understand the transition or not.

      Thanks for asking about resources for suicide prevention. There are a lot but I will point you to one developed by the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council: The Suicide Prevention Handbook found in their resources section of their website:

      Here is the part I think is especially useful for you:

      (Page 20)
      Helping the Suicidal Person
      -Be attentive and reach out to the other person.
      -Take the person seriously.
      -Remain objective and non-judgemental.
      -Assure the person that something can be done.
      -Be aware of warning signs. (Found in handbook)
      -Ask the person directly about any intentions of suicide.
      -Discuss feelings openly and honestly.
      -Get help.
      -Offer support and encourage hope. Focus on the person's strengths.
      -Never do it alone. Share responsibility by involving family, close friends, family doctor, clergy and other support services.
      -Be there.
      -Keep a close watch on them; ask them how they feel.
      -Be accepting. Do not judge.

  2. Hi all,

    I am the Good Grief Guru and was thinking back to my day in the park with Courtney and Andrew. I am so glad you two were there to support me, and to learn more yourselves. Thank you for doing this post Courtney, and for taking the time to provide the resources you did above. That information is invaluable.

    :) Shawna