Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day 11: Meeting of the Minds

So Andrew asked me a few days ago if we could have a board meeting. And I looked at him blankly... what are you talking about? He repeated himself, and I still didn't get it. Finally it dawned on me, he wanted the two of us to meet to talk about things (thankfully he wasn't looking for one of "those" kinds of talks, we're safe!). I said sure, that's a good idea.

Monday I get an email entitled "Agenda for tomorrow's meeting" with a list of things to talk about. I look at Andrew (who is by then sitting beside me) and say But tomorrow isn't free, we have Ultimate. I guess he thought we could do both, but I've learned if we want to have productive conversations we need to be well fed and well rested. So we pick today (Thursday) as the day and I change the title on our Google Calendar to Meeting of the Minds.

I also take the opportunity to explain to Andrew the concept of Due Notice. You can't just say today is the meeting or tomorrow is the meeting! Though at least he added an agenda.

Our final Agenda:

- send an invitation for meeting T&R (new couple from church)
- P.C. moving Sept 21, can we help?
- Make a blood donor apt.
- confirm rsvp to H&G wedding / present idea
- L&M present
- birthday dinner plans
- update R4R sponsors
- Sahel region
- talk about who to donate stock to (unicef? unhcr? red cross?)
- N&D birthday present ideas

Plan for dinner (might as well enjoy ourselves!):

- sweet potato and bacon soup
- honey lime shrimp
- edamame
- Chapman's blueberry cheesecake ice cream


  1. I like the idea of being well fed and well rested. Things always work out well when you take care of the basics first. I love the picture of the ducks!

    1. It turns out having something negative happening to people we know (in the background of such a meeting) doesn't make for the happiest time either. Though the ice cream did help the mood substantially :)

  2. Uh, I need to come for dinner sometime. -Adam

    1. Agree. Maybe a weekend of meals is in order?