Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 4: Ride for Refuge

We have participated in the RIDE FOR REFUGE for the last three years. The RIDE is a family-friendly cycling fundraiser that supports the displaced, vulnerable and exploited. Today's challenge was to begin our successful fundraising campaign: sign-up for the RIDE, create a fundraising page with picture, and send out an effective email to friends, family and co-workers.

This year we also decided to do something new: ride a tandem bike! We've already reserved it for the day of the RIDE :)

Our email campaign:

-try to make the subject fun and enticing:

Ride for Refuge 2012 - the Double Double Multiplier plus a new twist!(the twist is riding the Tandem bike for 50 km) 

-include a link to the main webpage Ride for Refuge
-include a description of each project the money raised will go to:

-explain the multiplier:
To make things more enticing - Courtney & I will match every dollar that you sponsor us for.
To make things even more enticing - Andrew's work will match our sponsorship total.
For every $1 you give, we will give $1, and work will give $2. Magic!

Link to fundraising page (Andrew's so that work will match the sponsorship):

What kind of information do you want to have before you support a cause??


  1. Proud of you guys! :) -Adam

    1. Thanks Adam :) We're pretty proud too. It can often be hard to fund raise for a cause that's not well known and our friends and family have been SO generous! We'll post pictures from Saturday's event!