Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day 149: Relaxation Techniques

Does anyone have any techniques they can share for relaxation?

This week has started out, not as stressful so much as just not at all relaxing... and I think it will continue this way. I'm going to pull out all my relaxation stops and hope that my mind and body cooperate!

Breathing - just do it! Stop holding your breath! Take a few big, deep breaths with your eyes closed at least once an hour.

Body Relaxation - think about every muscle group on your body and relax as you come to it, start with your toes, then your feet, ankles, and move up. If this truly works you can fall asleep, so don't do it when you need to be awake. Best done lying down (at least for me).

Bath Time - run a hot bath (apparently pregnant women can't have it quite as hot...) and use scented epsom salts (or a bath bomb) for scent and muscle relaxation. I've been using citrusy-smelling salts which are more of a pick me up. For more relaxation I might switch to lavender.

Aromatherapy - I have never tried this! And I think I really should. Anyone use aromatherapy? Suggestions?

Any other relaxation suggestions?? Let's help each other :)


  1. Wonderful music while you're working, or relaxing - Norah Jones comes to mind. Her voice would calm anybody!

    1. Good addition! I'm going to need a relaxation playlist. Once I develop it I will post it :)

  2. I've found going for a walk really helps calm me down. I always come back feeling much better than when I walked out the door!

    1. I would completely agree in nicer weather, but right now, walking the dog is more of a rushed and mildly unpleasant chore when the wind is really bad.

      When the wind isn't bad though I have been enjoying myself.

      That reminds me of another relaxation technique, of getting in some cardio (more than walking). That can help get the happy juices flowing :)

  3. I got a comment in me email inbox, not sure why it's not here, but someone suggested a massage.

    I go for massage regularly (at least once a month) for treatment on my back. Which while it is usually relaxing, isn't the same as a relaxation massage. Maybe I should give one of those a try!