Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 24: Getting on Top of Things

How do you keep on top of things? Despite our best efforts, there are still things we forget to do. For example, we need to replace the sticker for our license plate (3 days ago).

I think we've got a system down for paying bills and doing chores has been much improved since we implemented the chore chart. But for some reason there are still things we forget about, probably because they aren't part of our regular schedule.

Today, this is frustrating me. There is enough stress and emotion being poured into things we care about, I feel like the things we don't care about (and just have to do) shouldn't be so stressful or take any emotional space.

So, I think I'm going to use a couple file folders and order things in chronological order. Everything that has to happen this month in one folder, and everything that has to happen in the future in another folder.  In some cases it will be the notice/bill, in other cases I will just be writing a note and putting it in the folder.

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