Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day 45: Organizing the Batteries

Seems like an inconsequential thing, but this small step of organization will allow us to play the Wii as well as workout with the WiiFit and not have to wait until batteries are charged.

Last month we had over two of our young friends, Gabby age 10 and Paula, age 7 and we didn't have enough Wii-motes ready for everyone to play. A disappointment to say the least...

We've used this tray for our batteries for a long time, but we can never remember which ones are charged or which section the used ones go in.

Solution: Put some labels on the sections of the tray already!! This way when we want to have a good time with friends or work out we won't be way-laid. Click to enlarge photos.

Using leftover letters from our Chore Chart (click here for tutorial), I added dead / misc / charged labels to the tray. Easy fix!