Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day 44: Banishing Discontent

I love when a topic is brought to my attention multiple times in one week. I choose to view that as a sign that I should sit up and listen. And in this case share with you.

There is a song at church that we sing that includes the phrase "My soul's sufficiency". (1:15min, 2:50min)

I got to thinking about that phrase. And looked up the definition of sufficiency on Google.


  1. The condition or quality of being adequate or sufficient.
  2. An adequate amount of something, esp. of something essential: "a sufficiency of good food".

That something or in this case someone can be sufficient for your soul. That the love felt can fill up your soul, boost your confidence and make you feel special. 

I then thought about the play-on-words. Soul sufficiency versus sole sufficiency - both are important in a Christian context. I think this is something to strive for, I am certainly not at this point. To feel that Christ is sufficient, that I am sufficient. I believe it in my head but telling my heart is something else.

Hence the discontent. I think we all feel discontent to some degree. I generally choose to think about the positive but still like to be in control of my own life. I've just started reading this book:

I'm not fully convinced yet that feeling anxious = discontent. But hopefully if I can banish the discontent from my life than I'll feel less anxious? Anyway, the phrase "soul sufficiency" came up in the book today.
"...possessed a soul sufficiency, a peace separate from her circumstances." (Chapter 1, page 8)

Then today I was reading through the blogs I'm subscribed to and came across one on a home design/DIY blog Sand and Sisal about discontent: Women, Confession & Encouragement. Women should build each other up instead of tearing each other down and that through this, maybe we would find contentment.

I guess this is definitely I topic I need to pay attention to as it keeps popping up on my radar! So here starts the journey to banish whatever discontent I feel.

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