Monday, 22 October 2012

Day 43: Following Through

I tend to be a "Yes" person. For some of you, this might seem humorous... I don't tend to follow the crowd. But when someone needs something done I say yes. Especially if it's a cause I believe in, or a process they're going through that I'm excited about/scared about.

While school is extremely busy (I'm beginning recruitment!) and life is also busy right now, I haven't stopped saying yes. Which means I'm falling a bit behind on following through on those things that I said, "Yeah, I can do that, no problem, I'll find time."

So tonight I am going to get information for a friend's girlfriend about transferring her nursing credentials to Canada and something else that I can't remember because so much information is coursing through my brain right now!

And maybe I'll try to not volunteer myself next time and wait to be asked for help.

Wait! I remembered!!! Start writing Christmas lists to give to the extended family - we've already been asked for them :)

And I'll do some computer work for my aunt!

This whole blog thing is great, it's like a virtual to-do list where people can keep me accountable. Well here I go!

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