Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekend Re-cap Day 33/34/35

Friday October 12th - A Night at the Movies

We went to see the Burlington Concert Band perform A Night at the Movies at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre on Friday night.

Andrew's brother and sister-in-law both play in the band (trombone and trumpet respectively). Lots of great music was to be heard! There was a guest flautist, Mate Szigeti, who played 3 (or more) amazing solos and really increased my love for the flute.

Saturday October 13th - Opa's 80th Birthday Party

My family had a surprise birthday party for my Opa on Saturday.

It was a really nice time spent up north with my extended family :) I wish it hadn't been so rainy though... Looking forward to more time with them. Time always seems to fly by so quickly!

Sunday October 14th - Massai Choir

We spent the evening watching the En-kata choir from Massai land, Tanzania. It was great to hear their story  and their beautiful voices :) Earlier in the day we enjoyed a nice lunch with friends. I made the Sweet Potato Soup again and it was just as good the second time again.

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