Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Re-cap Day 41/42

Saturday October 20th - Anniversary Celebration Day!

Because we were busy on Thursday we moved most of our anniversary celebration to Saturday (we went to the Keg on Thursday and had a great meal though!).

We spent the day running errands. "WHAT!?!?!" Not romantic enough for you? We actually had a great time going to all the spots/stores we never go to. Usually we shop at the grocery store or box stores. Our itinerary:

St. Jacob's (Quilted Heirlooms, Outdoor market, Indoor meat counter)

The Poultry Place

The Healthy Haven Marche (Fiddleheads, Healthy Butcher, Kara's Smart Foods, David's Gourmet)

Plus we ran a couple small errands elsewhere. Our dinner that night, made from our new purchases, was absolutely spectacular if I do say so myself!

Red Quinoa - Marche
Sweet Potatoes - St. Jacob's market
Chicken Breasts - The Poultry Place
     -marinade - Marche
     -pineapple salsa - St. Jacob's Quilted Heirlooms

So we got a meal out and a meal in for our anniversary which means we were both super happy!

Sunday October 21st - Welcome Home Fall Corn Maze and Fair

Welcome Home is a refugee housing organization that offers housing for up to 1 year for new refugees to Canada at discounted rates. They also spend a lot of time and resources supporting these newcomers through the refugee process.

In the Corn Maze

Leaving the Corn Maze

Pumpkin Seed Spitting

Bobbing for Apples

Awesome Music

We also went over to our friends' house and played games with them as well as a new couple to our church. It was lots of fun! I always enjoy our time with them :)

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