Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Weekend Re-cap Day 27/28/29

Saturday October 6th - Visit With Friends

It was a beautiful brisk fall day on Saturday and we had a great time with friends that came out from Toronto. A stop at the busy St. Jacob's market, board games and a walk on the Mill Race Trail. Overall a great day to re-connect with friends from out of town.

Banner and I out a-walking. October 6, 2012.

Andrew posing in his Oktobefest shirt from work. October 6, 2012.

We got to learn about their plans for the future and share our own :) I felt really good about this day, lots of open and honest communication.

Sunday October 7th - Thanksgiving Part 1

We had a really fun time in Sunday School today with the Gr 1-4 class. We made two crafts: Leaf Turkey and Thankful Pie. I love spending time with the kids, sharing God's love with them and teaching them about Jesus :)

We spent the afternoon with Andrew's friend from high school and again got to hear about and share plans for the future. My hope is that we can spend more time "living together" with our friends. Really share whatever we can with our friends, like we would with our family. Time, resources, opinions, the whole shabang.

We topped off our day with a get together with some of Andrew's extended family. His mom made a feast of 3 soups and chili (including sweet potato, squash, and turkey soup) and we had delicious pumpkin pie :)

Monday October 8th - Thanksgiving Part 2

We wpent the day with my family in Whitby (minus my brother who was in Winnipeg). We went for a walk in Rouge Park with the dog.

Everyone helped out my mom in making the turkey dinner (though she still does most of the work). We played some games and talked a lot but it wasn't as "together" as I wish it had been. Still a great time, just not as together. Thankfully we'll have another opportunity. Is it strange to be thinking of Christmas already??

What's your favourite part of Thanksgiving?

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