Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day 23: The Blood Races

I know, it sounds weird... okay, it is weird.

Andrew and I try to give blood regularly, Andrew more than me. I get so disappointed when my iron is low that I don't want to go the next time. And if you've been turned away enough times it can be depressing to think of going again.

So I probably only donate once a year, but isn't that better than nothing? I've fully bought into the propaganda.

Blood Owners should be Blood Donors.

Blood is meant for circulation.

It is time to roll up your sleeve to offer your gift of love.

So what are the Blood Races? No, it's not like the Hunger Games. When you give blood they time you (I guess to make sure it's not taking too long), and Andrew and I compete to see who can have the lower time. This started because it would take me a REALLY long time to donate and Andrew was super quick. The nurses gave me some tips and I've improved my time :P

The result:

Courtney 6.5 minutes / Andrew 7.5 minutes

And yes, I can hear the crowds cheering! Oh, and call 1-888-2 DONATE :)


  1. Glad your iron was up enough for you to donate and if a little friendly competition keeps you happy, great!