Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day 38: Writing Resumes for Other People

I didn't remember how much time and brain power it took to write a resume until today. And it was easier to write for someone else that to make one for myself, that I do remember.

Here's the story... some friends of ours asked for help writing resumes and I offered Andrew, as he is our resident resume writer. Which means that we both spent as much time writing resumes. We got all of their information (very organized) last night and to work we went. We worked for about 2 hours last night.

This morning we worked for another 2 hours. I met with them this afternoon to gather clarifying information and then spent another 1.5 hours finishing the resumes. I'm probably underestimating the time because my brain hurts.

The good from this? Other than our friends have good resumes? I found a resume template on Google docs that I really like (click to enlarge pictures):

And I learned that it's really fun to write resumes for your friends. You get to describe their best attributes and brag on them a bit! So when I'm looking for jobs I'm going to be looking at someone else to write me a resume :)


  1. Your friends must be so thankful! I helped a friend with hers several months ago, and it was so much more time consuming than I had thought. Don't get me started on the cover letter! ;)

    1. I'm really thankful we didn't have to write cover letters... that would have been too painful! Good job to you for powering through :)